Exclusive Interview: Arjun Fauzdar of Lights, Camera, Arjun

05 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you like watching one man show, you must have probably watched Lights Camera Arjun on The Comic Wallah (Youtube Channel). And Arjun Fauzdar is no new name for you.

Playing 6 characters in the web series is a task. But this ‘self-confessed observer’ brushes it off, saying it is his job. Arjun Fauzdar reveals more in a chat with The Digital Hash.

How did Lights Camera Arjun come to you?

In 2014, I won NDTV Prime reality show Ticket to Bollywood. The show was headed by Vishal Mull. Recently, he along with Prateik Mehta, have started Fabform, which is a digital entertainment platform and Vishal contacted me to check if I was keen on doing a show for Fabform’s The Comic Wallah.

Is a challenge or a bonus to play different characters in the series? How do you make sure every character you play has its own characteristics?

We shoot four episodes in a day and it is a challenge. I have to play a minimum of three characters in each these episodes. Imagine remembering the characteristics, the lines, response rate! But it all comes down to concentration.

My observation skills help in every character I play. I can take references from films, series that I have watched in the past.

Which are your favorite comedians? Do you watch stand-up comedy online?

It has to be Jim Carrey. I also love Abish Mathews. He is also a good friend. We worked together in a film Couching Tiger Mannu, directed by Akshay Choubey in 2012, but it got shelved.

Jimmy Fallon, Ellen De Generes, Russell Peters, and Sunil Grover are also my favorites. I watch a lot of old Jim Carrey videos.

How different is online comedy than film comedy?

I have done theatre for nearly 12-13 years now. I have done about 2,000 stage shows and I am like a ripe apple (giggles).In a theatre you make more loud acting choices so that even the last-bencher can understand you. But the camera, web or film, catches the small detail.

As an actor, what are the advantages/disadvantages of doing a web series?

The biggest advantage is that the freedom to put across your talent for the world to see and self-promote yourself. The only disadvantage, if any, is that you will get the criticism as quickly as the appreciation.

Are you keen on doing a drama web series?

Absolutely. As a person I may prefer comedy, but as an actor it is my job to do different things.

For the already crowded film and TV sectors, is the digital medium a boon?

Yes. It is opening a channel and lessening the load from TV and films.

Catch Arjun Fauzdar on Fridays at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyoG8huhp913IXAWtAiJLmw