Insatiable: A mix between comedy and dark comedy

14 . Aug . 2018
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Insatiable garnered some controversy when the first trailers of the series came through. Some called for an outright of the series because of the material – an overweight woman decides to get back to people who have been bad to her after she loses weight. The concept, is of course, controversial but the shown runner defended the show. So, is Insatiable worth watching, here’s our review.

Insatiable is about a young girl who is grossly overweight. An incident with a homeless man gets her in contact with an attorney to sidelights as a pageant manager – though disgraced. The situation makes them come closer – but both have a lot of baggage, and one of them isn’t even thinking of going ahead.

Everything about Insatiable hinted at it being a dark, edgy web series that would open a Pandora’s Box about pageants, how difficult young women have it in their lives, how men with a secret hobby must do things they wouldn’t want to, and all that. While the series touches on all these aspects and more, the texture of the series is confusing, and ends up being a mix of an eighties sitcom and a post modern one that takes a serious look at the issues.

In true 80s fashion, some of the characters disappear for several episodes, only to return to the story track as if nothing has happened. Then there are some secondary characters who are devised well but end up being plot machines at the end of it all.,

The performances are good, but the screenplay suffers from a scattered track that doesn’t let the audience root or distinctly hate any of the characters – and there are several ones at that.  Part of the issue that the series doesn’t really touch base is the direction – which is a hark back at the eighties, one camera capturing the scene and the other camera capturing the emotions via tight frames. With such a great concept and good performers all around, it’s a surprise that the director decided to go ahead with such tame cinematography.

Even the performances are a bit over the top, looking like all the actors are channeling their inner 80s star. Debby Ryan, the main female character is surprisingly underwritten and doesn’t have much to do, apart from play clueless when it comes to life, and clued in when it comes to what she wants. That the audience is surprised at what she wants is another matter altogether.

What’s Wow: Insatiable is an earnest attempt at laying bare the life of pageantry. However, it falls flat because of the weak and watered-down screenplay that makes the script go all over the place.

What’s Blah: The performances seem ramped up, the cinematography gives it a for-TV look.

Parting Shot: Skip.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Dallas Roberts, Debbi Ryan, Christopher Gorham, Sarah Colonna, Erinn Westbrook, Kimmy Shields, Michael Provost.

Created by: Lauren Gussis

Insatiable is now streaming on Netflix.