Influencer Dushyant Kukreja credits his success on MX TakaTak to his idol, Akshay Kumar

08 . Feb . 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Short format video apps have taken over our screen time with users endlessly scrolling from one video to another. Homegrown app – MX TakaTak has fast risen to the top with its wide range of offerings such as dialogue dubbing, comedy, dance, fashion, gaming, DIY, food and many more. Home to over 15Mn unique content creators, this platform has emerged as the preferred choice for influencers like Dushyant Kukreja, a popular face on the app, who has been making everyone laugh out loud with his creative comedy.

Dushyant’s impeccable sense of comic timing and his ability to use that across a wide range of content has made him own the creative comedy genre over the years. He credits his success to his idol, Bollywood’s Khiladi – Akshay Kumar. Talking about him, Dushyant says, “I always aspired to be an actor. Idolising Akshay Kumar and his comic timing is what drew me to explore the creative comedy space. I learned a lot by watching his films, his expressions and this is what helped me master the genre. With each social media trend, I try my best to add my touch and form my own version of it – with a bit of humor and creativity.” 

Dushyant Kukreja has around 2.7 million followers with over 115 million likes on his short format videos on the platform. Speaking about his experience on MX TakaTak, Dushyant says, “Associating with MX TakaTak was a turning point in my life. The amount of recognition and followers which I received from TakaTak was overwhelming. I am delighted to be on this platform, creating entertaining content for my fans and audiences”. 

MX TakaTak caters to over 100Mn Monthly Active Users and ranks #4 amongst the Breakout Social Apps 2020 in terms of Monthly Active Users in India as per the State of Mobile 2021 report by App Annie.