Indulge and celebrate your fantasy kyuki, ‘Bas Ek Raat ki Baat Hai!’

08 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Is enjoyment in sex only for prostitutes? Luke’s parents seem to believe that and but he doesn’t mind exploring the idea.

Fuh se Fantasy’s upcoming episode, ‘Bas Ek Raat Ki Baat Hai!’ will be all about unceasing desire, yearning, and longing of a young boy who has always been taught that sex is a sin and should only be done for procreation. Rebellion takes over Luke, essayed by actor Vibhav Roy, who breaks free from his family’s trap to bring alive his fantasy of becoming a Gigolo for one night!

Nervousness and confusion take over his mind as he ventures into the vivacious world of sex workers. While he grapples and deals with this overwhelming environment, he runs into Marilyn, played by Bidita Bag, an actor by the day and a prostitute by the night. An unapologetic Marilyn breaks all his preconceived notions and shows him the fun side of the street life making the night a truly memorable one.

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Featuring a tale of love, passion, fascination, the next episode of Fuh se Fantasy will set your heart racing like never before.