Independent Music that should adorn your Playlist

21 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Music is one of the most therapeutic forms of art, especially the independent music. It thrives and lives on everything that makes your heart beat, eyes flutter, and makes your smile reach your eyes. Whether you are waiting for your bus or daydreaming about your crush, whether you are stuck in traffic or in a boardroom meeting, whether you can’t pull yourself out of bed or just want to sink in your day’s woe – you will find an answer for everything in the world of independent music.

Here are few songs by independent artists that will make you take the trip down the memory lane.

Alobo Naga – Last Train

Alobo Naga is a singer who defied the conventional barriers and rose to become one of the most popular independent artists from North-East India. The singer who recently won three awards at the Artist Aloud Music Awards is a representative of the new musical generation.

Last Train is an experimental track of classic pop reinvented into a groovy song. When Alobo sings ‘I’m standing at the edge of the station, a suitcase full of memories’ you will see your heart long for the bygones that once made your whole world shine.

Bombay Vikings – Woh Chali Woh Chali

Bombay Vikings revamped the 90s pop music industry. From owning the cassette to being the highlight of every reunion party, this song is an integral part of our playlist.

The rendition of the old classic, ‘Main Chali Chali’, Neeraj’s voice will definitely have you bid the world adieu, and ride towards your heart’s desire or simply to your teenage self, grooving to this song on a breezy, summer afternoon.

Shibani Kashyap – Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse

Shibani Kashyap took over the 90s with her first pop album release. The flag bearer of independent music in India, Shibani has been an avid advocator of the genre. Through her association with independent music platform, Artist Aloud, Shibani has actively voiced her opinions on the urgency of promoting independent music.

‘Ho Gayi Hai Mohabatt Tumse’ comes from the 90s remix era; the nation swooned with Shibani and her extraordinaire music. Remember, ‘Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa’?

Raghu Dixit – Mysore se Aayi

Imbibing the intricacies of deep-rooted cultural heritage, Raghu Dixit is more of an experience than a voice.

‘Mysore Se Aayi’ is one such Raghu Dixit experience that will definitely bring back the latent Romeo in you. The perfect mix of rock and traditional instruments, this is one song that definitely should be in your Independent music nostalgia playlist.

The Koniac Net – This Time Around

This Mumbai based band is known for its contemporary twist to Alternative/Hard rock. Perfect for beating the blues of life and mood, The Konaic Net will keep making you replay the tracks on loop.

‘This Time Around’ is the perfect song for the days when you would just want to go back to that one moment that you wish happened differently. Put on your earplugs and brace yourself to swim in the deep blue sea of nostalgia.

Spud in the Box – Good Way to Die

Besides ruling the indie music festivals, Spud in the Box has been ruling our hearts ever since its inception.

‘Good Way to Die’ the best of everything together. Coupled with dual harmonies, big choruses, and massive guitar sounds this song is an absolute bliss for those rainy evenings.

Lucky Ali – O sanam

This man and this song need no introduction. Lucky Ali is synonymous with independent music in our country.

No playlist is complete without Lucky Ali and his music.