In Conversation with Actor Abhay Khattri

02 . Nov . 2017
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Theatre personality Abhay Khattri makes his web debut with short film Appa. The film is directed-produced by Lakshmi Iyer, who has also acted in this film on marital rape. Prior to its release on YouTube, Abhay talks of his character of an abusive husband, who rapes and abuses his wife.

Here’s a transcript of our free-wheeling conversation with Abhay Khattri

What is your role in Appa?

I play an abusive husband. But initially, he is very nice and sweet. Yeh un mardoon mein se hai jo ladki ko dabane, and abuse karke manly feel karte hain.

Laxmi is a powerhouse house, how did that affect you?

She is a powerhouse. One fine day you get up, and you get a call, “Abhay kal subah shoot hai.” She is very fast it was really entertaining to work with her. She is very passionate about the project. And that worked for me.

Coming from the theatres background, how was the camera experience?

Theatre is very different altogether. Working for the camera is like walking on a line drawn on the floor, and theatre is walking on the rope, you can walk any moment. You can do retakes for the camera, but theatre has a different high altogether. Your heartbeat is different when you start a play.

Do you consume digital content?

Apart from the fact that Appa is inspired from her Lakshmi’s real life, I could relate to the story since I have sisters. And as actors we are very emotional people.

You can stream the interview here :-


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