If you haven’t watched Madhuri Talkies yet, here are 5 reasons you must!

17 . Jan . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Action thrillers have always been an audience favorite and MX Original SeriesMadhuri Talkies is the perfect amalgamation of adrenaline pumping action, bone chilling thrill and a tight narrative that will make you question society and humanity at large.

Madhuri Talkies is a hard-hitting tale of a young man Manish, who sets out on a bloody rampage in Banaras to avenge his love, Puneeta who was violated by a gang of power-hungry men who ruled that small town city. Produced for Applause Entertainment by Elio Motion Pictures and co-produced by Arvind Babbal Productions, the series is directed by Arvind Babbal and can be streamed for free, exclusively on MX Player!

If you’ve watched the trailer, you know what to expect but we’re giving you 5 reasons you should stream the show right away!

  1. It’s a one-man army – The power of an individual shines through in this bone chilling neo-noir and raises an important question – is justice delayed, justice denied? Or sometimes, can taking matters into your own hands instil fear in the minds of perpetrators? A story with a strong message will definitely make you ponder upon questions that should have been asked
  1. The constant thrill – There’s something about not knowing what’s coming up that keeps us hooked to our screens and Madhuri Talkies gives us just that. The bloody rampage along with the twists and turns it brings along is definitely a reason to stream in!

  1. Dialogues that will blow your mind – There’s this very ‘keh ke lunga’ element in the show which wins hearts and the dialogues echoes this very sentiment with an added dose of grit and rage
  1. Heartland Revenge – its raw, its rustic and when set in the backdrop of the Indian heartland – it starts feeling amazingly real. Banares, in all its glory is the perfect setting for this action bonanza that will leave your heart racing.
  1. Free – Yes, you heard it right. MX Player offers viewers premium content for FREE! Socurl up in bed this weekend and stream into MX Player immediately!