The characters on the web are very relatable: Aahana Kumra

18 . Jul . 2018
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Aahana Kumra, the chirpy and acclaimed actress, is all set to woo the audiences again with a new digital venture – Zoom Studios’ Ready 2 Mingle. She pairs up again with Amol Parashar, who was her co-star in It Happened in Hong Kong. The actress speaks about this new venture, about Sacred Games and much more in a tete-a-tete with

You have shared screen space with Amol Parashar before in It Happened in Hong Kong. There will be comparisons as you share screen space with him again in Ready 2 Mingle.

In It Happened In Hong Kong, we played ourselves. Our characters were mostly how we both are in real life. In Ready 2 Mingle, we both are playing different characters in this new one. Apart from that, only our faces are the same in these two web series.

Please share us some information about your character?

Myra is a perfectionist and a compulsive planner; it is very different from what I played in It Happened in Hong Kong.

Which is the best series who have binged-watched recently?

Sacred Games. I really liked the character of Ganesh Gaitonde. It was been shot well and character has a lot of shades and depth. And Nawazuddin Siddiqui has done a great job as always.

Will it be the one character you would like to play, hypothetically?

Yes. I would like to play Katekar.

How do you see digital medium growing in India?

The medium has evolved tremendously. The moment there is some flaw in your venture, you receive the backlash immediately, unlike any other medium. That is the best part about the medium and it is getting better with every new venture. The characters on the web are very relatable.

How do you handle the criticisms and appreciation that you receive on social media.

I haven’t had any negative comments yet. But I believe that people posts negativity on social media, only because these people are looking for attention. I ignore them and not indulge in them at all.

The best appreciation I received came because of my role in Inside Edge, I bagged the film An Accidental Prime Minister.

Aahana Kumra in the film ‘An Accidental Prime Minister’

What is the next digital venture you will be part of?

I haven’t signed anything new as of yet.