“I was rejected the first time I auditioned for Operation MBBS and had three days to re-audition for the role”, says Ayush Mehra

18 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the world of web-series, Ayush Mehra has quickly become a household name. From making his debut with Bindaas Originals’ series Life, Lafde Aur Bandhiya to Dice Media‘s mini-series Please Find Attached and the ongoing Operation MBBS, Ayush, with his cute smile and boy-next-door looks has delivered some remarkable performances to become India’s millennials’ heartthrob. But, did you know that when he auditioned for the role of Nishant in Operation MBBS, a small town spoilt brat from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh who comes to one of India’s best medical colleges to study unwillingly, he was rejected! But, just like his character in the web-series, who doesn’t give up, Ayush, too, turned the tables in his favour in just 3 days! Yes, that’s right. Just 3 days!


He says, When I saw Gullak for the first time, I became a fan of Amrit bhai (Director); I wanted to work with him badly! But, I failed in the auditions of Operation MBBS; it was a little different from my comfort zone. But, I don’t give up so easily. I requested Amrit bhai to explain me the brief and I was asked to come again after 3 days to re-audition.”

He continues, “In those 3 days, I saw countless movies and web-series wherein there were characters with a UP accent and practiced very hard to get my accent near right at least. I even removed my stubble, worked on my overall appearance to look my part. And when I went back for the audition, I told him only one thing, take me only because you’re convinced I can play this role and not because I’m known in the web-space.”


Later that night, Amrit rang up Ayush and said, Your audition was the best and that’s the only reason I’m taking you.”


Ayush laughs and says, To celebrate, I ate my last biryani that night! Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to for the next few weeks.