“I never imagined myself in Yudi’s character, but looking at the response I think experimenting was my best decision,” says Dark 7 White actor Sumeet Vyas

05 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

We have always seen and known Sumeet Vyas for playing jovial and light-hearted characters. This time around, we fans got to see him in a completely different avatar in Dark 7 White as Yudhveer. Playing the role of a prince from Rajasthan, Sumeet rocked the role, by essaying a college student with long hair and a beard. Something his fans could have never imagined. It seems that the change has worked wonders for viewers who haven’t been able to stop raving about his look and performance.

Speaking about playing Yudhveer’s character, Sumeet shares, “Usually, this is not the kind of role, people approach me for. But I am glad that Ekta Kapoor and director Sattwik believed in me and were brave enough to allow me to explore something that I haven’t done before. I never imagined myself portraying Yudi’s role ever but looking at the response, I think experimenting was my best decision. I am thankful to everyone for showering much love on the show and my character.”

The actor also spoke about his reunion with Nidhi Singh with whom he has a long association, said, “Working with Nidhi has always been a pleasure, she’s beyond everything and a fantastic actor that’s why I enjoy working with her on all kinds of projects.”

Dark 7 White is an urban youth-oriented political murder mystery, narrated in a quirky storytelling style laced with dark humour. It is a gripping story about seven friends having high profile jobs, with the story shedding light on how their situation wasn’t the same back in their college days. What adds to the intrigue is the story of how one of these seven characters uses the other six for his advantage.