I love to experiment: Himani Shivpuri

04 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Himani Shivpuri is most well known for her roles in Bollywood comedy films. Now, Himani comes to the short film platform with Swati Semwal’s Blossom – In Love, a short film that’s on the Net Pix YouTube channel. We got in touch in Himani and discussed her journey from films to short films.

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Here’s the complete conversation:

Why did you say yes to Blossom?

One of the prime reasons was the story. I was very touched my it. I like Ruskin Bond’s work and  was very touched by the story. The other reason was the director Swati Semwal. I am very impressed seeing young, female directors getting out there. We come from same hometown, so there was a soft corner. But other than that, the story was beautiful.

How different was to work in a short film as opposed to big budget films?

Big-budget films have perks. It’s a separate game. Not that I am complaining, we had a good producer. Big budget films involve many things, including travel. Sometimes you go abroad as well. The shooting process is longer. Short films have limited budget. We shot in one day. That’s the difference – the budgets are lesser, and the duration is smaller. In terms of performance, there’s not much difference. I thoroughly enjoyed working in this short film.

How different was Swati Semwal compared to Sooraj Barjatya or Karan Johar?

Every director, whether it’s Sooraj Barjatya or Karan Johar or Shyam Benegal, they have their own way of working. Swati had her own way. The similarity between her and the other directors is that she was clear about what she wanted. Some directors are confused – she was clear about the kind of shots she wanted. I really love working with young people, so it was basically me, Swati and the crew.  This film was more one to one – there were no other characters.

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Did you have any apprehensions acting in a single character story?

Not particularly. I have worked in theatre, so this is something that happens in theatre too. I have done solo plays. So, I have the experience where I do solo performances.

And any apprehensions doing a short film with an open ending?

I really liked Swati’s work. She has gone for an extreme closeup of the characters. I love to experiment. So, this was something new for me and I liked it. In the 90s, typecasting was common, but I tried to stay away from that. I played a bua in so many films, but the character was different. So, this open ending was my will to experiment.

Why do you think more mainstream actors are coming to streaming?

For actors, it’s work. We are hungry for good work. Everyone told me to do web series, because it is thing to stay. I also did Home with Habib Faisal. It’s almost like theatre – with actual cues. Actors will want to do good work whenever they get it.

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What’s next for you?

I am shooting for a TV show. I am going to Assam for a story performance in January and post that, I am going to do a spin-off of Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai.

Looks like Himani Shivpuri thoroughly enjoyed her stint in a short film. Here’s hoping we will see more of her work in short films.