Hysterical Content that created a Laugh Riot

27 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We, at TheDigitalHash.com, look back at the content that made us ROFL this year. And trust me; the list is increasing as I write this article. Despite all that keeps tickling us every second, we have collated the ten best comic content that streamed across platforms in 2017.

Read on to know whether you have LOL enough in 2017 or not.

  1. ​​GLOW:

This Netflix web series set in the 1980s Los Angeles, talks of the misfit women who reinvent themselves as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. There were some hilarious scenes in this Netflix Original.

  1. Son of Abish:

Abish Mathews returned with another season of his talk show this year on his YouTube channel. This season is different than its predecessor, but the comic quotient is definitely higher.

  1. TVF Inmates:

This web series by The Viral Fever is a different take on living with friends. There were obviously some sparks here and there, but the audiences had one hell of a time throughout.

  1. Big Mouth:

This Netflix web series has the funniest take on puberty ever. There are references to everything one went through during those adolescent years in the most riotous manner in this animated series.

  1. The Tick:

The powerful superhero is a done to death premise; and this Amazon Prime Original established that in the best way possible. The protagonist superhero is powerful, but yet comical. If you haven’t watched the web series, stream it right now.

  1. Disjointed:

This Netflix web series will definitely remind you of Mom, but laughter is galore, and the innovative references to weed will just kill it.

  1. Aditi Mittal:

Stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal talks of everything from being single, wearing thongs and the awkwardness of Indian movie ratings in this Netflix Original.

  1. TVF Bachelors Season 2:

Whatever happens in a working Bachelors life is portrayed too well in this web series. And no points for guessing that coming from the house of The Viral Fever, the series is just rib-tickling.

  1. TVF Bisht, Please:

Starring Nidhi Bisht as the protagonist, this web series follows her journey as the always underestimated girl who is trying to cope up with life. The puns intended are amusing and witty, and definitely added to the comic element in the year.

  1.  BoJack Horseman:

Another animated series has made to our list. This Netflix Original is almost like the ‘Family Guy’ of the 2017; the only difference is that the protagonist was a humanoid horse. The adult black comedy was one of its kind in the year.

If you haven’t had that ROFL moment yet, go ahead and get comically high with these digital ventures.

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