Hyderabad raised Hollywood VFX artist Jay Syed’s short film bags best Sci- Fi short in NYC International Film Fest.

24 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Growing up in a small town in Hyderabad Jay Syed always aspired to be a filmmaker. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron were amongst the directors he followed diligently. They were all credible in creating their own world by the help of visual effects and that was an inspiration for Jay who went on to create visual effects for projects like Jupiter Ascending in future. The biggest plus point for Jay was that he was getting feedback on his work from Andy and Lana, directors of my his all time favorite film Matrix

Since it was financially challenging to pursue one’s dream as a filmmaker in India, Jay opted for schools training in Visual Effects as his gateway into the field. His Short film “Homes of Hope” was the opening film of London Independent Film Festival and there on the journey started of sweeping awards in festivals.

Thereafter, “Best Sci-Fi Short Film” award at New York City International Film Festival put both the film and the director on the map of short independent cinema.

The young director said that Homes of Hope is originally based on the screenplay of a feature he is writing at the moment. The short he added was also meant to be experimental.