Hungry for Fantasy: Why each OTT platform wants its very own

04 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The digital audiences are gracing to bring in 2018 with excitement. Apart from other big events happening in the online entertainment world (read the launch of Disney’s very own OTT platform); the web watchers are awaiting the release of the finale season of Game of Thrones (GOT).

The excitement to know what happens to the iconic characters of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark and all the Houses in the show is something that the audiences are ready to wait for another year. Consider this: The last season came out in August 2017, so this makes the wait for the finale season to almost two years, since the premiere date has not been revealed yet. That for any fan is a big wait, but GOT lovers are not complaining.

It is this popularity of the series that other OTT platforms are looking for their very own Game of Thrones. Here’s proof: Amazon Prime is all set to adapt Lord Of The Rings for the digital audiences for a whopping 1 billion for 5 seasons; Netflix and HBO were also in the race to acquire the rights for LOTR. Talking of fantasy films, Netflix did a big gamble with Will Smith starrer Bright and is willing to make it into a franchise with a second film. This even after the film received mixed reviews at the box office is a big gamble.

But why exactly is fantasy such as big hit with the audiences, one may ask? The films can provide an answer to this question. As a genre, fantasy has had a fantastic journey at the box office, right from Lord of The Rings to the world of Narnia and many more franchises. Each of these franchises has had a hit run at the box office, raking in moolah for the producers. Similarly, the Baahubali franchise made huge money for its producers not just in India, but also abroad. Going by its success, Netflix also recently commissioned a series based on the films. The series will be a prequel to the two films.

What also works for fantasy series is that the storyline is not limited to the current set of actors. After the actors have aged with the series over a number of seasons, having a prequel or a sequel to the hit franchise works for the platform as well as the audiences. Take the Harry Potter films for example. Once the seven books were adapted into eight films, Warner Bros decided to explore the prequel scenario for the franchise. Now, the franchise explores the life of Newt Scamander and the second film in the franchise is all set to release in November this year.

Owing to the large number of seasons and also series it can thus create, the race to lay their hands on fantasy titles is a much deserved one. The OTT players should not let go of their efforts to procure fantasy titles for themselves.