Humorously Yours Season 2 Review : This TVFPlay and MX Player Series Strikes the Right Chords

08 . Jun . 2019
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Vipul Goyal struck a chord with audiences with his stand-up comedy routine. He then came to the streaming screens with Humorously Yours. Now MX Player and TVF brings to audiences Humorously Yours Season 2, with a newer, quirkier storyline and zany concepts.  Here’s our complete review.

In the second season, Vipul Goyal is becoming more famous and needs to hire a personal agent – the only problem, he can’t find an agent. His ‘jugaad’ solution leads to a problem that he finds difficult to solve.  And life’s not very hunky dory on the personal front too. His wife, of three years, is finding all this a little hard to digest, her husband’s fame, her own boredom towards life, so on and so forth. Coming into this mix are two of Vipul’s friends – well meaning but insane enough. What follows is a zany, emotion filled ride that makes Vipul and his cronies better persons.

What’s WowHumorously Yours has the perfect script to keep the audience hooked. The number of jokes and ribs are equal to the amount of sarcasm, making this a modern script – just what the audience wanted to get hooked. Vipul Goyal is a charmer and plays the character to the hilt. He and Rasika Duggal have an incredibly warm chemistry that is a winner. Abhishek Banerjee proves that his Stree performance wasn’t a flash in the pan – this is one guy who can become the darling of the streaming platforms soon.

The screenplay too is based in everyday scenarios and puts out some very believable instances. That apart, the creators put in some smart aleck comments as well. Like, in the beginning, Duggal’s character asks Vipul whether he will be copying Seinfeld’s jokes. Incidentally, the show’s format is quite like a web series that Seinfeld recently, Jerry Before Seinfeld.

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What’s BlahNothing.

Parting Shot : Humorously Yours is the perfect binge watch for friends and families

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Vipul Goyal, Rasika Duggal, Abhishek Banerjee, Sahil Verma

Writers: Anant Singh, Chandan Kumar, Vipul Goyal

Directed by: Deepak Kumar Mishra

Watch the trailer here :