Mothers take the digital ride !

13 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 4 minutes

It is the 13th of May today. Just one day to mother’s day. I have a 3 pm deadline to submit this article and and less than two hours to go. Just when I’m contemplating on how to begin, the door bell rings and guess who arrives. The courier guy! Yipeeeeeee!

No, I’m usually not that exited to see the courier guy. My baby is due in two weeks and his/her first clothes, first blanket, first mini pillow stuffed with mustard seeds to support the little head and first pack of pampers, lotion, powder, wipes etc etc etc have all come in. I do a little tap dance, well barely, given my big tummy and take the stuff with the more than usual bright thank you.

So the mother’s day celebration has already kick started for me and I can’t wait to open the boxes. I look at the clock and know that no way can I finish unless I start right away. For once I curb my impulse to unpack and write about it instead. I’m going to click the send button and attack the boxes I decide.

While watching some beautifully made Mother’s Day shorts buzzing the digital medium I can’t help but think how much web and web entertainment has impacted our lives and quite honestly in a good way. As a kid I don’t remember wishing my mother on mother’s day nor did I see my parents do the same to take notes from. Television which was the main mode of entertainment back then didn’t really go gaga over Mother’s day. That has changed in the last few years. Though television does a fair share of Mother Day minutes in the form of ad-films, a special episode or a relevant film it is exciting to see digital entertainment’s vigorous reaction to the occasion. Most kids around know about it and wish their mothers often schooled by the father and many of us share a photograph or make her a call to mark the day. It is almost like the web entertainment domain has encouraged us not just to be more thankful to our mothers but also be more expressive about celebrating them.

With precise creative scripts and great casting almost every film made by numerous brands and YouTube channels stand out for some reason or the other. They touch the right chord and we feel connected right away to the moist ball of emotions our mothers remind us of.

Maa Kehti Hain – Rajnigandha Pearls

Rajnigandha Pearls’ film ‘Maa Kehti Hain” is a 3 minute 30 second film about a mother with three kids, one of which is a teenage girl. She is constantly bothered about how to do things the right way and not let her kids go undisciplined. But kids are kids, whether a toddler or a teenager. They don’t like to be told the way of life time and again and can snap back sometimes in the most non-sympathetic manner. How the three kids come around is made aptly into a short film applauding the mother’s value in their lives.

 For All Moms – Godrej Expert

Godrej Expert presents a short film dedicated to not just the mother who gives birth to you but the other you get when you are married. In the contemporary set-up where both husband and wife are always busy with their respective careers, the mother is often alone to herself. She waits to hear from her son on mother’s day and looks longingly at the gifts her daughter in law has packed for her own mother. Only that she didn’t. The package is for her mother in law who is surprised to find it in her bed room and along with a call from her son.

In a sensitive effort to bridge the usual MIL-DIL gap, this film is a pleasant reminder of how everyone can become special if accepted into our lives.

This Mother’s Day – Kantipudi Nissan

Without our mothers we would be nobodies. Without our mothers we would be nowhere. A young lady is picked up to be dropped to her dance classes and on her way she chatters away about all her events from the day. Her mother patiently hears about her friends, the pasta that her daughter liked and so on and so forth. She drops her off and her daughter turns back to wish her Happy Mother’s day.

Except that she isn’t a she but a he. It is the father who has become the mother in taking care of every small and big thing about his daughter and she can’t tell the difference anymore.

With the changing times, a film like this could be very motivating for father’s who haven’t physically birthed his child but in every possible way lived up to being a parent sans gender.

What Mom Really wants – Micromax

Micromax India’s 2 minute 42 second film on this mother’s day is heart wrenching, filled with sadness yet a must-watch. Very deftly the maker establishes the monotony of old age of a mother who lives alone. She wakes up alone, takes her medication alone, eats alone, and sleeps alone. Her loneliness is elegantly captured with impeccable lighting and a perfect ‘less is more’ performance by the gifted protagonist.

The visibly old mother passes her day by doing one chore after another and has no one to share her thoughts or drudgery with.

She looks at the mailbox but there is nothing to make her day. Finally she calls her son who is so busy with his work and commitments that instead of wishing his mother on at-least one day is irritated to receive her call to begin with. Our heart is broken as she keeps the receiver down and undeniably it is a good reminder by the brand to tell us how much we owe our mothers and how little we do.

These are four of my favorite films from this Mother’s Day. There are many others. Do watch them and think again, are we really doing enough? What is enough. Sometimes just a phone call can do the trick.