House of Cards finale season’s first look out now

28 . Aug . 2018
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Netflix has released the first look of House of Cards Finale season.  Joining the new season of the political series are well known actors Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear join the star cast of the show with pivotal roles. The two will play siblings who are politically powerful and are expected to replace Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood as far the tension with Claire Underwood is concerned.

The images were posted on Twitter. Catch the first look of the new season here:

Diane will play the role of Annette Shepherd, while Greg plays the characters of Bill Shepherd.  The other character to look out for the in the series is that of Duncan, essayed by Cody Fern.  Duncan is the ambitious son of Annette, thus making him the gen next of the power politics in the Washington DC.

Netflix’s House of Cards is an anticipated series, but it main star Kevin Spacey was removed recently owing to sexual abuse allegations against him. Owing to his removal, the series was cut short to just one more season, to be wrapped up completely in its sixth season.