House of Cards new teaser slammed by Twitterati

05 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The new House of Cards season was destined to be controversial. With Kevin Spacey out of the picture, there was always a ‘should do – shouldn’t do’ question. Netflix bit the bullet and decided to make the upcoming season all about the wife, with Kevin Spacey’s character written on. While that created controversy, the latest teaser is now on Netflix and has gathered controversy, with Twitter users predicting that the show will be nothing without Kevin Spacey.

The new trailer confirmed what’s been announced – there is no Kevin Spacey in the series – not even a photo of him anywhere in the vicinity. And this time, it seems that the investigative authorities are really out to unearth something or the other that would essentially nail the Presidential couple.

The series has faced controversy since a while, because of the concept and the storyline. The storyline was essentially killed when Kevin Spacey, who played the main character in the series faced real life allegations of sexual harassment and was written off the show. While the future of the show dangled, show producers Netflix were quick to sever all ties with Spacey and announce that the next season would be the last.

Watch the teaser here: