Hottest Kisses to stream

17 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Romance gets a completely different treatment on the web. It is not always about being steamy and sexual, it is also being intimate in a sweet way and kisses play a big role in that. Here’s presenting the hot kisses across streaming platform.

Atypical (Netflix) (Brigette Lundy-Paine)

This drama on a young guy with autism – Sam Gardner – has its own share of romance too. Apart from Sam’s own love story, his sister Evan Chapin indulges in some kisses with her boyfriend Evan Chapin.

Orange is the new Black (Netflix) (Piper- Alex)

This prison comedy-drama is based ten years after Piper transported drug money to Alex. In a flashback scene, the two indulge in some intimate action, which also includes a kiss.

Sense8 (Netflix) (Will and Riley)

This web series talks about human beings who are linked emotionally and mentally despite being in different parts of the world. Will Gorski, a Chicago police officer and Riley Blue (née Gunnarsdóttir), a DJ living in London get very close in one scene.

The Night Manager (Amazon Prime) (Jonathan Pine and Jed Marshall)

Tom Hiddleston plays the titular role and is also a former British soldier and recent recruit to infiltrate an arms dealer’s network. Whilst doing his job, he has some intimate moments with the dealer’s live-in girlfriend played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Iron Fist (Netflix) (Danny and Collene)

Colleen Wing, the trained samurai and Danny Rand become more than just allies. The two get more than comfortable in this scene, which is shot aesthetically.

Game of Thrones (Hotstar) (Samwell & Gilly)

Samwell Tarly-Gilly is the cute couple of GoT, who rarely indulge in any romance. When the two are separated owing to the vague rules of The Wall, their reunion is very cherishable.

13 Reasons Why (Netflix) (Clay Jensen & Hannah Baker)

This drama-mystery series revolving around a teenage girl’s suicide and a series of tapes left behind. Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker get into a romantic mood at Jessica Davis’ party.

The Babysitter (Netflix) (Bee and Allison)

This Netflix original is a teen horror-comedy about a babysitter who is a demonic cult follower. Amidst one of the cult’s ritual, the Babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving) and her friend Allison Bella Thorne indulge in some lesbian kiss.

Daredevil (Netflix) (Matt and Karen)

Die-hard fans of this Netflix original have been contemplating the future of Matt Murdock and Karen Page’s relationship. As the audiences are busy with debating about their relationship status, their epic kiss is something you should definitely indulge in.

Gypsy (Netflix) (Jean Holloway and Sidney Pierce)

This series is revolves around a psychotherapist, Jean Holloway (played by Naomi Watts) who secretly infiltrates the private lives of her patients. While the show has not been renewed for another season, the lesbian kiss between Jean and Sidney Pierce has stayed back.

That’s’s list of ten hottest kisses on the web. Are there any hotter intimate moments than we mentioned, let us know!