Hotstar subscription fee matches Amazon Prime now

07 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon Prime increased their Indian subscription fees from 499 to 999 this year.  This is still lesser than Netflix’s subscription fees. And now, Hotstar has jumped into the fray by reducing the annual fee from 1200 to 999 per month. Earlier, Hotstar charged 199 per month. There’s a bit of tumble down of prices with streaming subscriptions for a while. Hotstar also introduced a special sports program that sports fans can access for around 200 rupees per year.

This time, only new subscribers are eligible for the 999 plan. People who have already paid up for their subscription get a two-month extension. Last year, around October, Hotstar slashed its prices to 696 rupees, which was a whopping 70 percent discount at that time.

Hotstar has been working hard towards giving some of the most popular films and web series on their streaming platform. To begin with, Hostar got Game of Thrones to the Indian streaming audiences. It also got some of the most popular sports content to the streaming platforms.