Hostages Season 1 quick glimpse: “Yeh Jaankari Jan Hith Mein Jari Ki Hai”

05 . Sep . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

A crime thriller at its core directed by Sudhir Mishra, Hotstar Specials show Hostages revolves around the life of a renowned Surgeon Dr. Mira Anand (Tisca Chopra) is scheduled to perform a routine operation on the chief minister, but the night before the procedure, her family is taken hostage and she is ordered to assassinate her unwitting patient in order to save her family.

Starring Ronit Roy Bose and Tisca Chopra, Season 1 was well received by audiences across the country.

Hostages season 2 will take off from where the story line was left off in season one, which released over a year ago. We understand you must have forgotten some details that are important for season 2. And so, Here is a quick glimpse of all the important scenes from Hostages season one.

Episode 1 : Threat

A night before the operation of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Dr. Mira Anand, his surgeon is held hostage along with her family by four masked men.


Episode 2 : Sabotage

It’s not a usual day for Mira at the hospital. While the clock is ticking, she desperately searches for a way to buy time. Will she succeed without getting caught?


Episode 3 : Complications

At work, Mira has to deal with her old mentor’s suspicion. Meanwhile, an angry neighbor shows up at the house, adding a new layer to the ongoing drama.


Episode 4 : Gate crasher

A new challenge presents itself and Prithvi must tie up the loose ends. As Mira and Sanjay debate over kids’ safety, an unannounced visitor comes knocking.


Episode 5: Falling Apart

As Mira struggles to help a wounded Sanjay, Prithvi takes a gamble to save the day. Meanwhile, suspicion creeps into the kidnappers’ team.


Episode 6 : Pieces of the Puzzle

A sudden order to be present at the station, leaves Prithvi concerned. On her way to the hospital, Mira begins to join the dots to Prithvi’s identity.


Episode 7 : Betrayal

Mira doesn’t know whom to trust, especially after she discovers the truth about Sanjay. Meanwhile, Aditya hatches out a plan to escape with Shovan and Shaina.


Episode 8 : Escape

Prince and Aman chase Aditya and the kids into the jungle, where Shaina meets someone. At home, Sanjay does the unthinkable.


Episode 9 : End Game

Piecing together the clues, Mira is now following a new person. Elsewhere, Sanjay and Shovan take a fearful chance to escape while Prithvi and Subramanian end up in a clash.


Episode 10 : A Matter of Choice

Prithvi has to contend with a mutiny from his crew, while Mira manages to turn the game around. But that’s not the end. Soon, she is faced with another choice. What will she do?