Hostages Review : Ronit Bose Roy and Tisca Chopra starrer Hostages disappoints

04 . Jun . 2019
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Hotstar brings to audiences an interesting concept. A surgeon has her family taken hostage on the eve of her most important surgery – that of a political leader. The miscreants are led by a senior police officer, Prithvi. Why the police officer is bent on committing a crime and why the politician is targeted is what forms the rest of the story. Tisca Chopra plays the surgeon, Mira Anand, Parvin Dabbas her husband, Sanjay Anand and the two kids are played by Sharad Joshi and Malhaar Rathod. Here’s our complete review.

One-room thrillers are difficult to make. Story telling aspects like urgency and emotional connect are wont to make a one room thriller work, and characters who create a deep impact on the audiences. Unfortunately, Hostages has only one of these aspects.

What’s WowTisca Chopra and Ronit Bose Roy are the only saving graces in this taut thriller that never was. They two give intense, deeply set performances, and are a treat to watch. Though they are on the opposite side of the fence in the series, both their characters will gain the audience’s sympathy.

The concept and the story have potential. The story hints at being something like The Manchurian Candidate and has some resemblance to The Panic Room. Of course, these are classics and are successful because of certain aspects – like the screenplay. And that’s where Hostages suffers.

What’s BlahThe story, the concept and even the performances are good, but Hostages stumbles when it comes to the screenplay. There are several convoluted twists and reactions to incidents, which just don’t make sense, unless the audience knows the full story. Because the audience doesn’t know the full story, the all the characters lose the reason behind their antics.

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Parting Shot : Hostages is not the edge-of-a-seat thriller you are waiting for.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Ronit Bose Roy, Tisca Chopra, Parvin Dabbas, Mira Anand, Mohan Kapur, Malhaar Rathod, Sharad Joshi

Directed by: Sudhir Mishra

Producer: Hotstar

Watch the trailer here :