‘Hooq’ Launches A Stand Alone App

11 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

‘Hooq’ is taking big steps to combat the streaming biggies like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar in India. Speaking to ET Now, Salil Kapoor, and the Managing Director of Hooq said that they have evolved into a standalone app and will now be offering subscription offers to users.

The current lineup at Hooq is impressive. It offers series like Supergirl, Flash, The Big Bang Theory, Arrow, DC Legends, Gotham, Mad Men, Two and a Half Men etc. At first glance, Hooq is offering the best of syndicated content from the other streaming services.

Hooq is offering a 7-day trial offer, which means viewers can get an idea of how their streaming is and it is also offering the option to rent films. The streaming service also seems to have the most number of animation and cartoon content.

With the kind of content that Hooq is offering, this could be the next disruptive model on the digital platform – of course, it also depends on what the subscription amounts will be.