‘Holding Back’ Director’s Next Venture Is Titled ‘Acceptance’

12 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sheila Sandhu, who earlier gave us the short film ‘Holding Back’, starring Seema Biswas has announced her next venture.

The film, titled ‘Acceptance’, will revolve around parenthood and will be directed by Ashok Kondke. It is produced by D.S Pahwa and Muniza Riaz.  Shiela said that the film will give a social message. She also said that she plans to make her film, ‘Acceptance’ bigger than her first film, ‘Holding Back’.  ‘Holding Back’ has been a film fest darling and has been honoured at various fests like the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival, The Nasik International Film Festival and even the Salento International Film Festival.