Hoichoi web series SIX has an interesting concept

20 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Psychological thrillers are becoming the in thing for the streaming platforms. Several streaming platforms are coming up with such thrillers and HoiChoi has just launched the trailer for the first Bengali psychological thriller, SIX. The series has an interesting concept, that of a copywriter, Soumyo Roy, who the authorities suspect have killed his wife, after she dies in mysterious circumstances.

Unfortunately for Soumyo, nobody believes he’s innocent, including his friends and colleagues – which leaves him with no other choice but to become a fugitive of the law who has just one mission – to prove that he is innocent.

Tanvir Ahsan directs the show, that’s produced by TV Wala Media and SVF Entertainment. SIX introduces Nishan Nanaihah to the Bengali audiences. He has earlier acted in some critically films from the South, 12 in Malayalam, three in Telugu and two Bollywood films.  SIX stars Darshana Banik as Soumyo’s wife.

While the concept is new for streaming, it reminds one of Criminal, the superhit film from the nineties starring Nagarjuna. That film gave an inkling of the fame and popularity that Nagarjuna enjoyed in the South. Before that, few films, web series and short films have explored the idea of a spouse suspected of killing their better half.