Here’s why Mission Frontline on discovery+ promises to be a great watch

22 . Jan . 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Discovery+ is all set to launch yet another exciting original show, Mission Frontline on January 21, 2021. Get ready to ‘feel the josh’ with Rana Daggubati and our very own Border Security Forces in action as the show will be highlighting the life of the BSF jawans fighting at the border to keep the country safe. Mission Frontline features Rana Daggubati, living a day in the life of BSF jawans, training like them and learning about their incredible service to the nation along the way.

Here are the top reasons why one should not miss Mission Frontline, streaming now on discovery+ app.

Reel hero with real heroes

In this special episode, we see our reel hero Rana Daggubati from the much-acclaimed film Baahubali interacting with our real-life heroes (BSF Jawans). He experiences first-hand, the difficult life of a BSF Jawan and lives with Border men at the Murar Post. We will get to see him in a never-seen-before avatar, performing tasks just like a jawan, including physical training routines like learning to salute; running drills with weapons and a backpack; fireman’s lift and hurdle jump without the remotest possibility of a retake. Getting ready to start his physical drills, Rana in the documentary said, “This one is going to be tough. It’s the first time for me in real. Let’s do this!”

The Josh of a Jawan

The audience will get to see unfiltered training routines and the zeal of the Border security forces. Providing an intimate glimpse into the lives of the men in uniform who put themselves at risk every day, Mission Frontline is bound to evoke a deep sense of appreciation for these unsung heroes. Experiencing just the beginning of a BSF jawan’s routine drills, Rana Daggubati said, “Being in the BSF is not that easy.”

Real-life action

Unlike films, the heroes in action on the battlefield do not have the privilege of retakes and edits, which makes it all the more real. With this documentary, viewers will get a chance to experience the true perspective of what goes into guarding our frontiers with courage and accuracy, 24/7. Talking to the Company Commandant of the border outpost, D.S. Rawat in the documentary, Rana said, “If we citizens can live safely, happily, socially, its because there is a force like yours guarding us, 24 hours. Very few of us get to experience that.”

Unprecedented border access

Mission Frontline is filmed at the Murar Post, Jaisalmer, where the country shares a border with Pakistan and where civilians are not allowed. The base camp has one of the richest histories as it is home to rich martial traditions. The audience will get to experience what goes on at this restricted but crucial border, as Rana Daggubati takes part in the strategic activities performed to protect it, ranging from firing live rounds, to patrolling the border on camels, taking part in a simulated mission to track down and neutralize infiltrators and traveling on sand scooters among many other grueling tasks. Excited to get this opportunity, Rana said in the documentary, “I never think I will be this close.”

BSF aspirants

Many people, at some point in their lives, have aspired to join the security forces or serve their country. This documentary will provide viewers a candid insight into the lives of Jawans and their daily rigorous training routines. It will inspire youngsters with the sheer might and discipline of the BSF that will most certainly motivate them to further pursue their aspirations.