Here’s How One Can Allow Their Loved Ones To Access Their Digital Accounts After Death

08 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

People  bequeathing their personal property to their loved ones after their death is something that’s done usually. But with more and more people creating online memories of their lives, it is becoming important that their loved ones have access to their digital entities – like their e-mail accounts.

Several websites that offer e-mail accounts and social websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft offer these services. Even Twitter and Linkedin offer the friends and families of those deceased to create a memorial of their loved ones who are deceased.

For Google, users can create a nominee using the Inactive Account Manager.  For microsoft, family and friends have to contact a pretty grim hearing department, Microsoft Custodian of Records. That e-mail id is  The users need to provide legal documents like a death certificate or a power of attorney.

Facebook has a department that ensures that one can keep their memories alive and accessible to friends and family by adding a friend or family member as ‘Your Legacy Contact’.  This is usually available under Settings > Security.

Other social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Afterword offer such services too. These services are available under various options on their dashboard.

This is definitely a big step from the old ‘save-your-password’ apps and software that were available in the ‘90s. With this software, users could create an account that’d club the passwords of all their social accounts. That became highly controversial after there were reports of several of these services being hacked. But with the biggies now behind creating a sort of memorial tomb of their users for their loved ones, security should be the least of concerns.