Here are cool facts from the sets of Comicstaan season 2

14 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Following the achievement of season one, Amazon Prime Video has rolled out Comicstaan season 2 with a remarkable line-up of 10 super talented contestants. Conversing about various topics in a satire atmosphere, the show will without a doubt bring some exceedingly foreseen fun and entertainment.

With the first few episodes out already, we have got some unknown fun facts from the show that will surely astonish you

1. Post every episode shoot, the judges and contestants would chat and have dinner, before leaving for their respective homes.

2. During the taping of Comicstaan seaon 2, Abish was also simultaneously working on his show Son of Abish season 5 and a couple of other branded videos.

3. During anecdotal comedy episode, Sumit Saurav had crunched down his 7 minute set to stay within the time limit. However, it lacked narrative which is why Zakir Khan suggested him to add the bits.

4. For the same episode, Supriya Joshi had another set prepared which probably could have got her more laughs, but she went ahead with this anecdotal set, as she wanted to challenge herself.

5. While tapping Improv Comedy episode, Kaneez claimed that the contestants inspired her to get into stand-up comedy again. She also mentioned “I am very uncomfortable with stand up and they inspired me to go past my comfort zones just as they did – this is genuinely what happened. They work so hard; it was inspiring”.

6. For sketch comedy episode, Sumit Saurav and Rohan Gujral explored method acting as well, and went in a local train to observe mannerisms and also shot their entire act there, one day before the shoot.

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7. Before taping the Comedy of terrors episode, Biswa made the contestants do some improv exercises to prep them for the round.

8. Ramya Ramapriya wrote the first draft of alternative comedy set in 20 minutes, before the first open mic.

9. Just like season 1, the grand finale of Comicstaan season 2 was held at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai. The Royal Opera House is India’s only opera theatre and a major Mumbai landmark.

The second season of Comicstaan has started streaming on Amazon Prime Video since July 12th. So what are you hanging tight for? Prepare yourself to have a great time watching Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan season 2.