Here are 5 Stand-Up Comedy Specials to catch-up on, if you’re missing live comedy

24 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Feeling the blues during the times of coronavirus? It’s completely fine to be angry and irritated because your favourite comedian had to cancel his comedy tour. With the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors and ensure maximum safety by avoiding fun activities like attending a live comedy show, social distancing can be tough. But don’t you worry, if you can’t go to a comedy show, the laughs can come to you. Here are 5 comedy specials that you can stream and enjoy to your heart’s content.


Vir Das – For India

India’s most popular comedian Vir Das has the most authentic insight into the Indian diaspora. Get set to smile from ear to ear as Vir makes you see Parle G and Old Monk in a whole new light along with dropping truth bombs in some hard-hitting political satire., Leaving ample food for thought in his hour-long Netflix special, here’s a show that will make you say “It Happens only in India”.


Naveen Richard – Relatively Relatable

Amazon Prime Video’s new stand-up special under Amazon Funnies, sees Naveen perform an incredible set on observational comedy. After a fabulous performance as the awkward and frustrated Pankaj in Pushpavalli, Naveen takes you by surprise with a sweet reminder of the simple and innocent moments that one goes through every single day.


Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian – Sketchy Behaviour

If you think we’re living in an apocalyptic time, wait till you see this show. With a hysterical set of absurd sketch comedy, this hour-long show on Amazon Prime Video will remind you of the people who you certainly want to practice social distancing with.


Rohan Joshi – Wake n Bake

While we sit in self-isolation, Rohan’s first stand-up special will help push the envelope to be more self-aware. Delivering some good laughs in his quirky style, this one-hour hilarious special on Amazon Prime Video is all you need to crack you up.


Trevor Noah – Son of Patricia

After much anticipation of wanting the Daily Show host to put a tick mark/check next to his tour to India, people were disheartened to hear about the cancellation. As disappointing this news was, it’s a great time to revisit the comic’s previous work with this Netflix special and hope for an even more exciting show once this storm has passed.


There are many more hilarious specials where our favourite comedians are just waiting to make you laugh and ease your worries. So, stream away, because we could all use a laugh right now!