Harsh Beniwal and Divinaa Thackur set friendship goals while they were shooting for ALTBalaji & ZEE5’s Who’s Your Daddy?

27 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

With there being immense fun, jokes, banter, and laughter all the time, there’s never a dull moment on the sets of an ALTBalaji production. With actors taking no time in bonding between themselves while shooting, many of them go on to create some special bonds that last a lifetime. A friendship that seems to be the talk of the town these days is that of Harsh Beniwal and Divinaa Thackur while they were shooting for ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s upcoming web-series “Who’s Your Daddy?”. Having become the best of buddies now, the two actors seemed to have kept everyone’s spirits high during the shoot.

While there may be plenty of romantic scenes between Harsh and Divinaa, who play each other’s love interest in the show as Soggy and Mehek respectively, the chemistry off-screen was completely different. In addition to discussing everything under the sun in between the scenes, the duo spent ample time guiding each other to enact a scene perfectly. That’s not all, food seems to be their common love as the two also kept sharing their meals during lunch.

Speaking about this new-found friendship, Divinaa Thackur, who plays Mehek, said, “Whenever Harsh and I met on the set, it’s like a house on fire. We used to chat for like hours, guided each other on a lot of things besides acting as well. There was a lot to talk about throughout the day, sharing food, pulling pranks and not just keeping it boring. I found a best friend in Harsh and I hope our friendship stays like this forever.”

Harsh Beniwal, who plays the character of Soggy, commented, “One of the main reasons why we’ve become good friends is because the two of us have so many similarities. Having a lot of things to bond over, we never run out of things to talk about and do. We used to discuss a topic at length for hours, laugh till our lungs ache, shared our favourite food, go and party at any time. I’m glad to have made a friend in Divinaa and I hope that with time, our friendship grows stronger.”

Who’s Your Daddy will showcase the story of how Soggy’s father becomes an overnight star with the lady patrons of the DVD world and how the duo runs a successful business until their world turns upside down. Amidst this entire chaos, nobody seems to find the answer to one question – ‘Soggy Ke Bete Ka Daddy Kaun Hai?’