Happy Halloween Binging; 10 Films to Go

31 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s Halloween and time for some spooky watches. Hollywood has given us some amazing horror films and the streaming world has some fantastic web series. While a day might be too less to watch more than one series, we bring you 10 films that will keep you company this Halloween day.

#1 The Exorcist (Amazon)

Leaving all the inflation and all that aside, The Exorcist has the biggest box office collection for a horror film ever. Stephen King’s IT came close to breaking that record but it didn’t. Even without the commercial aspect, The Exorcist is a horror film that’s aged beautifully and still succeeds in giving the audience a spook – even if they have watched a few times.

# 2 Saw (Amazon)

Saw is torture-horror at its best. The film was the seed for one of Hollywood and Horror’s longest franchises and the directorial debut or James Wan. Saw has a great storyline and a screenplay that evokes sympathy as well as cringe-horror. Watch this film to get a knot in your stomach and goosebumps.

#3 Sweeney Todd (Amazon)

We know the Jack the Ripper legend was ripe for a horror turn. Tim Burton went ahead and did it in one of the most emotionally charged horror/slasher films ever. This horror centric turn to one of the greatest mysteries is a must watch on Halloween night.

#4 Orphan (Amazon)

Films based on real life are always watchable – and when these are thriller/horror, they can be edge of the seat entertainers. Orphan was based on an original, incredible story of a woman who fooled entire families, staying with them as an orphan young girl even when after she grew up to be a full adult.

#5 Annabelle (Amazon)

We had Child’s Play and then we had Annabelle. While Child’s Play is typical 80s, Annabelle amped up the spookiness with the film. Annabelle spawned sequels and spin-offs and that juggernaut is still going strong with a film named The Nun is coming to the screens, another spin-off of the film.

#6 The Cabin in the Woods (Netflix)

The Cabin in the Woods is one of that entertaining, twisted horror/sci-fi/adventure films that have you wanting for more after the credits roll. This horror film was praised for its out-of-the-box ending. People are still talking about whether the film will have a sequel.

#7 The Shining (Netflix)

The epic Jack Nicholson film that’s directed by Stanley Kubrick has aged extremely well. The Shining is not just a great horror film, it is a great piece of film-making – one for the ages.

#8 Carrie (Netflix)

Some would say peer pressure on people in college is a horror – and Carrie took that concept ahead and made it into one of the best horror films ever. Watch this film if you want to see the greatest underdog story ever.

#9 Evil Dead (Netflix)

If Exorcist was the epic original horror, Evil Dead was the epic original slasher. Evil Dead started as a college-slasher and turned into a zombie-defeating film, giving us one of the most iconic horror characters – Ash.

#10 The Thing (Netflix)

This epic extra-terrestrial horror is now available on Netflix. The film took this rare genre and made it into one of the most terrifying one.

These are our ten horror films to make your Halloween worthwhile. Happy binging!

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