GoT Season 7 starts with a bang

18 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The seventh season of GoT was an event all over the world – literally as well a figuratively. Several private screenings of GoT were held all over, including ones held in restaurants and bars. GoT fans are still feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of seeing their favourite back on screen.  With the first episode out now, fans are beginning to discuss what happened in the first 50 minuter and what it could mean for the story.

The episode begins with a bang – no spoilers – but this could be the most eventful opening of any series in the world. The beginning lives up to all the memes, the jokes, and the forwards that we have seen since the past so many years. A crisp screenplay takes stock of the lives of all the major and minor characters. The 50 minute plus screentime is justified. After all, the stories of at least 15 main characters are on screen.

With 7 seasons down the line, there’s nothing one can write or say about the performances. All the individuals playing the characters have been living with the story for close to 7 years – they are pitch perfect by now.

With season seasons down the line, there’s also the question of how well the first episode captures the attention of a new audience. In that context, the series hits the ground running. Not a moment is wasted in telling who’s who. That might be a warm welcome for a GoT fan. Even for those who have just recently subscribed, the production values, the colourful and endearing characters and a startlingly crisp screenplay is an attention grabber.

The direction and screenplay grabs the attention of the viewers too. With so much bloodshed and character evolution, you know that there’s something lurking that’s going to stun you – if not one, then a couple of episodes later.