Getflix Allows You to Watch American Version of All Streaming Services Legit

10 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The only time non-American Netflix subscribers feel left out is when they see the American version of the said streaming services. However, all that might change with Getflix, the app that promises to be a hassle-free way to access the American versions of streaming services.

Getflix is an app that allows just that, at $39 for a lifetime. You read that right, a lifetime of American version of Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services – provided you subscribe to the said services.

The app promises to be less hassle some and complicated than the traditional VPN – which is already criticized for being quite slow. The official announcement says that the users of the app will be able to access American Netflix content on mobiles, computers and television. It further says that the app can be used with ‘all your favourite devices’. Last we checked, the app is available for the Android and the iOS.