Netflix launches Fuller House Season 4 Trailer

28 . Nov . 2018
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  • Netflix launches trailer for Fuller House Season 4

The Fuller House franchise has surprisingly remained on Netflix for a whole four seasons. The fourth season will be streaming soon and the trailer for the fourth season has now hit the streaming channels.

Fuller House is spin off Full House, a popular sitcom from the 70s which was about a group of friends living together. The Fuller House series takes up on the characters from the same series, and deals with the characters and their lives decades after the original series signed off.  The series will begin streaming from December 4th.

Fuller House was one of the first web series that were a spin off of successful web series. Later on, we had Young Sheldon, which was a spin off of the legendary web series The Big Bang Theory. Even in India, popular series like Zabaan Sambhal Ke and Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai got a web lease with web series.