From Richard E. Grant to Bianca Del Rio, here are 4 actors from the cast of upcoming musical drama, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie with familiar faces

09 . Sep . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Though the Pride month is over, leaving us all nostalgic, the celebrations are far from done as Amazon Prime Video brings to you a musical drama, Everybody’s Talking about Jamie. The upcoming offering revolves around the life of young Jamie who aspires to become a drag queen and the hurdles he faces during his journey. Directed by Jonathan Butterell, this new offering features Max Harwood, Sharon Horgan, Bianca Del Rio, Adeel AKhtar, Richard E Grant, Lauren Patel and Sarah Lancashire in pivotal roles. We take a look at the filmographies of these FOUR actors to help you recall the projects where you might have seen them in the past.


Sharon Horgan

An Irish actor, producer and comedian, Sharon wears many hats and is known for nailing each role with perfection. She is commonly known for her role as Donna in Pulling, a TV series and Sharon in Catastrophe. Interesting fact, she co- wrote the script for both the series. Along with starring these two famous series, she also created Divorce, an HBO comedy series.

Bianca Del Rio

Roy Haylock AKA Bianca Del Rio is the most powerful drag queens in America along with being a phenomenal comedian, actor and fashion designer. Being a drag queen for many years, she wrote many stand- up comedies around the matter, which proved to be hilarious but an eye opener as she walked the road less travelled and broke the stereotypes. Apart from spreading a message in a hysterical way, she also wrote a book, Blame It On Bianca Del Rio: The Expert On Nothing With An Opinion On Everything.

Adeel Akhtar

Adeel makes an impact on the viewers, a brown skinned man with a British accent and an impeccable acting talent. That’s rare but Adeel is rare when it comes to nailing each role hard. Popularly known for his roles in Murdered by My Father, Uthopia, Stranger Things, Enola Holmes and Les Miserables, Adeel is showered with compliments for his acting skills by film critics all over the world.

Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant is a legendary English actor and presenter. He has worked in multiple films and shows which have been considered to be blockbusters. Movies and shows like How to Get Ahead in Advertising, Hudson Hawk, The Player, The Age of Innocence, Spice World, The Iron Lady, Logan, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the list goes on showcased his talent of getting under the skin of his character.

Go grab that tub of popcorn along with a pride flag and get ready to watch Everybody’s Talking about Jamie on September 10, 2021 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.