From being a Jack Ryan’s spin off to being a movie based on Tom Clancy’s novel, here’s 5 things you should know before watching Without Remorse

30 . Apr . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

A good action-thriller movie never fails to keep the audience right at the edge of their seat and eliminate all the stress they could possibly have. The elevated adrenaline rush, goosebumps and chills down the spine are some common symptoms that one has while watching a thriller which is nothing short of phenomenal. If you’re looking to make your Friday and upcoming weekend as action-packed as possible, Without Remorse is an upcoming action-thriller film which is set to release on 30 April 2021, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. While we’ve got a whole lot of reasons as to why you mustn’t miss out on the flick, here’s 5 of the very best.

Based on Tom Clancy’s novel 

Tom Clancy is a writer and a novelist well known for his technically detailed military-science storytelling set during the and after the Cold War. 17 of his novels were bestsellers and among them was Without Remorse, which was written in 1993. Watching a movie that’s adapted from a book has always fascinated both readers and cinephiles and we expect the same this time as well.

The versatility of Michael B Jordan

Directed by Stefano Sollima, starring Michael B. Jordan, this movie is set to whooo us and make us fall in love with MBJ again. Along with acting in this film, Jordan is also the producer of this movie under the banner Outlier Society along with his partner Alana Mayo. He was always a big fan of Rainbow Six video games, so when it was discovered that Paramount Pictures was ready to film this novel into a motion picture, Michael B. Jordan was thrilled and excited for his fan moment was all set to become a reality.

Different actors who have played the character of John Clark 

There were many actors before Michael B. Jordan who played the character of the protagonist – John Clark. However, Jordan is the first African American to bag this role and devote himself completely to the character. John Clark’s character has previously been played by William Dafoe and Liev Schreiber. Some pretty big shoes to fill. But has anything ever been tough for MBJ?

A Jack Ryan spin-off

Is it not interesting to see a movie which is Jack Ryan’s spin-off? Jack Ryan is also a novel written by Tom Clancy which has been made into a movie and recently into a television series starring John Krasinski. The idea of taking an incomplete story from Jack Ryan and completing it into a novel and now into a motion picture is too exciting. Without Remorse is a spin-off of Jack Ryan and we can’t hold our excitement to see a complete story from another famous story.

Intense and dark story of vengeance

Without Remorse is not just an action thriller movie but it’s an intense dark story of vengeance. The movie will make you sink in a hole of emotions which are strong. John Clark is torn between his personal honor and loyalty to his country. This film revolves around the US navy and how they uncover and international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of Michael B. Jordan character’s, pregnant wife by Russian soldiers.