Friday Fever: Netflix Round Up

13 . Jul . 2018
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There’s several new Bollywood and Hollywood films that are now available on Netflix. The inventory is a mixed bag, with comedy, action and drama making their way to the big N. Here’s a list of the top ten additions to the Netflix viewing list.

Captain America:

The First Avenger: Captain America comes to Netflix and this brings one of the few superhero films on the streaming platform. With Ant Man and the Wasp releasing in theaters this week, the Captain America addition makes sense, after all, with Steve Rogers going all grown up in the Avengers: Infinity War version, one would love to see the old Steve Rogers, right?

Fast and Furious:

Netflix is working around getting the entire Furious franchise on their platform. Last week too, they had a Fast and Furious addition and with this addition, they gave four films from the record-breaking franchise, that changed the people looked at action franchises.

Paul Walker GIF by Furious 7 - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Purge (Election Year):

The sequel to the superb, runaway horror hit The Purge hit Netflix this week. The film is the highest grossing film in the series, but the franchise itself is just two films old. This is one of the few, new horror films that have made it to the Big N, surely a treat for horror fans.


Stephen King has been a Netflix darling and taking this forward, Netflix has added the retro horror, Christine to their streaming list. This retro horror has become a cult classic and is famous for the Plymouth Fury car used in the film.

Plymouth Fury car


The film based on the legendary game hit the streaming scene this week. The film opened to withering reviews and was a box office failure. However, it does make sense to watch the CGI and effects in the comforts of your home.

Disney’s Mulan:

Disney’s Mulan is considered one of Disney’s finest work. Film historians term it as the beginning of Disney’s modern take, where they decided to go a step ahead from being a company about a mouse and fairy tales. Mulan was much appreciated by critics and audiences alike when it first released.

The Girl on the Train:

This is the film that is infamously supposed to have ‘killed feminism’. When The Girl on the Train released, critics loved it, the audience loved it, but then there were some talk about how it made one of the first female antagonists in modern times. The film also has some of the greatest performances in a thriller – watch this one for sure.

Angalamay Diaries:

A film that was well received by audiences and critics alike – this film has had several screenings by film clubs and is a critic’s darling. One of the few regional films that really became a mainstream one – watch this one.

These are the must watch films on the Big N this week. Happy Streaming!

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