Friday the 13th Must Watch

13 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Horror fans all over the globe will soon bring in Friday the 13th. Earlier, the only ways one could view horror films would either be DVDs or if some film released. But with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, horror fans have a veritable feast. Here’s the list of horror films one can watch on Friday the 13th:

  1. Scream: The Scream Franchise on Netflix surprised viewers with its cracker-jack storyline and a deep storyline

  1. The Mist: The Mist is a great natural horror series with incredibly well written characters and a great storyline.

  1. The Returned: For those who think an emotional screenplay has no place in a horror series, The Returned proves them wrong.

  1. Stranger Things: The horror web series that gave legitimacy to streaming horror.

  1. Rosemary’s Baby: Another well written horror web series that was equal parts horror and a great storyline.

  1. Final Girl:  Intense action sequences, a deep story line and great performances make this Netflix web series a must watch.


  1. XX: One of the better horror anthologies available on the streaming platforms now.


  1. The Babysitter: The Babysitter takes the horror comedy route, making it a pretty good watch.


  1. Little Evil: This dad-son web film has the right amount of horror to take it away from being a typical cliché viewing to an immensely entertaining film.


  1. Death Note: This famous anime series became a typical but entertaining Hollywood type horror web series.


  1. Bates Motel: This prequel to the iconic Psycho is one of the tautest thrillers in the horror genre.


  1. Castlevania: A video game about killing vampires becomes a web series – making it a great horror watching.


  1. From Dusk to Dawn: Another interesting vampires and ghouls horror web series that’s inspired from an iconic film


This is our list of horror themed films and web series that you can watch not just this Friday the 13th, but any one.