Formula 1 season comes to Netflix

27 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Everyone loves a good race – and everyone wants to know the story behind all the races that we see on the sports channels or at the venue, though it’s not possible for everyone to access such content. However, Netflix has you covered now, because they are bringing to their streaming platform a ten-episode web series documentary that will have exclusive access to drivers, team leadership and the management of various leagues. The show will premiere sometime in 2019.

Amazon Prime and Netflix are amping up their sports content since a while. Amazon is paying attention to football and car racing, while Netflix has just started getting on the ball. Amazon Prime has The Grand Tour, which is about celebrities driving supercars and others over mountaintop vistas and other places in the American southwest. The Grand Tour will have a second season now from December 8, which is co-hosted by Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson.