Food lovers rejoice! Comedy Central India’s newest innovation allows you to #EatWhatYouWatch; here’s how!

01 . Apr . 2021
Reading Time: 1 minute

While technology has evolved leaps and bounds, viewers have been hungry for the next pillar of innovation and we are happy to announce that its finally here!  Wouldn’t it be perfect to have drool worthy delicacies our favorite characters gorge on, available to order easily through our television screens? well, that dream is about to turn into reality tomorrow onwards as Comedy Central India will allow viewers to eat what they watch!

The future is finally upon us as viewers will receive the chance to effortlessly access mouthwatering dishes straight from their TV screens. While watching your favorite sitcom characters dive into heavenly appetizers, fans will be able to scan a barcode, eliminating the hassle of finding the perfect pairing, give them a chance to binge the same food as their favourites with ease! With a mere few clicks, patrons can have these iconic dishes delivered to their houses post adding relevant information. Sounds like an absolute feast!

Brilliant minds at Comedy Central have come up with futuristic technology to take your binge-watching sessions to another level of awesome with their newest technology that will leave you salivating in no time. Keep your eyes out and stay tuned to find out details about the innovative creation bringing the ultimate dream to life.

With food being available to order straight from television screens, Comedy Central India has now taken binge watching to a whole new level. Indulge alongside your favorite television characters on their most loved meals on #YourHappyPlace.