Five Lesser Know Indian web series to watch

25 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

India is becoming the next big thing for web series makers. With Netflix and Amazon gearing up for a battle on Indian grounds, audiences are getting ready for the best content that their money can buy. Along with Amazon and Netflix, homegrown streaming platforms like SonyLIV, ALTBalaji and others are ramping up their offerings. Here’s a list of the top Indian webseries that you can watch.

#1 Fear Files (Netflix)

Zee TV conquered the terrestrial viewing audience with Fear Files back in the nineties and early 2000s. Now, the show is available on Netflix in a all new avatar with newer stories. The series is a throwback to the gaudy, colourful horror that Indian audiences love. The retro Indian audiences will love it and the newer audiences will get introduced to what worked for the Indian horror audiences just a decade ago.

Fear Files is a series of short episodes that tell horror stories. The concepts have an Indian flavour and quite interesting. It is also interesting to note that this is the first Indian web series that Netflix has picked up.

#2 Office Vs Office (YouTube)

India has several big comedy series – made by big names, starring big names and all that. But there’s this extremely entertaining web series that’s quite the entertainer. Starring Cyrus Sahukar, Palomi Ghosh, Naveen Kaushik, Sudhir Kumar and others, this is one of the few series-about-professionals that’s realistics and tells about the real problems that the new workforce face.

The series tells the story of a consulting agency that’s facing a financial crisis. To solve that issue, they sublet their office to a production house. Of course, when corporate and creative meet, there will be clashes – and Office Vs Office is portraying those hilarious moments right about now.

#3 A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend (YouTube)

We didn’t believe it when we heard that an Indian production house is making a sci-fi web series. Quite simply because we were always told that no Indian production house would put up the money for making something like this. But Arre broke that myth with A.I.SHA, one of the better made Indian web series. It stars Harman Singha,  Raghu Ram, Flora Saini, Nimisha Mehta and others.

The series has everything going in it. The clash between creators and corporates, existensial questions like where androids have a conscience and emotions, all that and more. A.I.SHA is definitely one of the better made Indian web series. With top class production values, great performances and a crackling script, A.I.SHA should be your Indian binge watch soon.

#4 Bahubali: The Lost Legends (Amazon)

Bahubali seemed like part of the PR juggernaut that was unleashed when the sequel in the franchise hit the screens. However, the series is still going strong – at least a month after the film’s release. An Amazon exclusive, it shows the life and times of Amarendra Bahubali and the other characters before the story that was shown in the film.

The series is criticial to the Indian web series scene because it is one of the first well known animated Indian series. The animation is cool-retro. We’re happy that the makers didn’t tinker with the kind of animation India is accustomed to. The action sequences are well choregraphed too. We are sure, Bahubali: The Lost Legends will keep Bahubali fans engrossed until something else is announced on the Bahubali front.

#5 Sinskaari (Voot)

The first episode of this is out and it’s hilarious as ever. Alok Nath, the man brought back ‘sanskaar’ on the tv screens interviews various personalities on the streaming screens. The first episode has Alok Nath interviewing Raghu of ‘Roadies’ fame and the conversation is hilarious. We liked the idea of a talk show coming to the streaming screens. The streaming genre is missing core GEC content at the moment. This is the right step towards making the streaming platform a better one.

These are the five Indian webseries that are lesser known but high on the entertainment quotient according to us. What’s your list? Tell us in the comments section.