Five Bollywood villains we want web series on

21 . Aug . 2017
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Web series have become an excellent medium to portray older characters in a newer light. In Hollywood, several well known old TV series are being revamped. The characters are iconic and memorable.Likewise, in India, we have several villains who can become perfect subjects for a webseries.

In Bollywood, villains are as colourful and entertaining as the protagonists are. In fact, some Bollywood films successfully created the larger than life villains – only to make the heroes look more heroic than they really are. Here, we list the 6 villains that we’d love to see in a web series.

#1 Mogambo (Mr. India):

When we first saw Mogambo in Mr. India in 1987, he was already on his way to world domination. But wouldn’t we love to know how he came about becoming that? Surely, his life and times would be as colourful as Arun Varma’s?

The character was impeccably played by Amrish Puri, and quite frankly nobody can replace him. Shekhar Kapoor’s film has become a cult classic and there are talks about a sequel. We’d love Anurag Kashyap to helm this series. The sci-fi twist to it means that the series would require some big bucks.

The timeline of Mr. India would put Mogambo’s timeline somewhere in the 50s. Who wouldn’t love a crime series based in post partition India?

#2 Shakaal (Shaan)

Kulbushan Kharbanda’s shark tank act in 1980 rocked India. This was a larger than life villain rarely seen in Bollywood. Villains with lairs were part and parcel of Bollywood films back in those times. However, this could be the first time that the villain had an underwater lair.

Again, Shakaal is a crime overlord who has his tentacles all around the world. We’d love to see how he got there. Also, because of the film’s timeline, Shakaal’s story would begin sometime in the India of the 60s.  The swinging sixties might not be as colourful in India as in the foreign countries, but we are some a director like Rakesh Roshan or Ayan Mukerji will add their charm to make this an interesting outing.

#3 Gabbar Singh (Sholay)

By the time we were introduced to Gabbar Singh, he was already wanted in some villages and the Government had already set a reward on his head. Sholay releaased in 1975, so his timeline again would be something like 50s in the rural India, that India that had dacoits and criminals from all over. Critics consider Gabbar Singh to be the first ruthless Bollywood villain. Introducing this character to a whole new generation is something that would definitely interest film-makers.

#4 Ghajini Dharmatma (Ghajini)

This is one of the villains who was at the middle curve of his crime career when we were introduced to him in Ghajini in 2008. In terms of brutality, Ghajini is similar to  Gabbar. Also, according to the film’s timeline, Ghajini’s era of crime would be something like the late 90s – an interesting world of crime. Nobody does crime as a business better than Ram Gopal Varma.

#5 Kancha Cheena (Agneepath)

Kancha Cheena is the only villain in this list who has had two Bollywood versions.  One from the original Agneepath in 1990 and the other that aired in 2012. The newer version gave some insight into Kancha Cheena’s childhood, but the 90s version straight up had him as one of the most suave villains in Bollywood history. It’d be great to see Danny Dengzongpa and Sanjay Dutt playing minor characters in such a series.

These are our 5 choices for negative characters we’d like to see in Indian web series. Do you have any? Tell us in the comment section below!