Finest moments from the first four episodes of Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan Season 2

25 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

With four episodes of Comicstaan Season 2 out for viewers to enjoy, we have already found our favorite moments from the show. The show is filled with rib tickling moments and instances we absolutely loved! Not only did the mentors live up to our expectations but the contestants have put out a great show as well. Gauging from these episodes we can only expect the later episodes to be a laugh riot!

1. Akash’s take on enthusiastic cooking show hosts
Fans of the show had huge expectations from the season two of Comicstaan even before the first episode went live. It can be safely said that the Observational Comedy episode lived up to all these expectation and much more all thanks to Akash’s foodgasming set. His observations about food show hosts were so relatable that it took the audience by roar! We bet the next time you will watch a cooking show you are definitely going to hear Akash foodgasming at the back of your head!

2. Shreeja’s tiff with dustbins
You know a comedian has potential when she can create an Observational set on dustbins flawlessly! Shreeja does just that, with her dry wit and humor. The seemingly shy girl not only had the audience in splits but also managed to wow the mentors with her creative set. Her well-crafted digs and her ‘Laugh Out Loud’ set got her the first full 10 on Comicstaan Season 2.

3. Kaneez’s fun improv games
The Improv episode of Comicstaan season 2 was mentored by none other than the queen of Improv Comedy, Kaneez Surka. Her session was all fun and games, quite literally! She says these games help build Improv instincts. The activities were absolutely fun to watch and gave contestants an opportunity to know their co contestants a little better.

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4. Samay’s catchy Thnax!!
The episode on anecdotal comedy may have tickled a few bones, but Samay’s anecdotal incident tops them all! While narrating his incident, Samay threw his audience into an uncontrollable laughter with his catchy thnax!! His set was very well thought out and made the incident sound real. Samay later revealed that a part of the story was real.

5. Kaneez praises Neeti for her mentoring
Kaneez was very impressed by the well written sets put out by the contestants on the comedy genre, Topical Comedy. She gave credit to Neeti Palta for being a phenomenal mentor and taking standup comedy to another level with respect to writing strong content.

To enjoy many more of such exciting moments, make sure you stream Amazon Prime Video’s latest unscripted series Comicstaan Season 2 today! Catch a new episode every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.