Final Destination screenwriter to make a web series in Hindi.

18 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

American screenwriter Jeffery Reddick, majorly known for supernatural horror film franchise “Final Destination” has decided to enter the web series market for the Hindi audience this year. He is planning to collaborate with Sixth Sense Entertainment for a web series in the horror genre. Jeffery especially wants to cater to Indian horror fans with this new concept and the idea whose details will be worked out.

The screenwriter likes watching comedy or horror films as he likes to laugh or get scared the most. That apart he also likes to watch drama films. Since there is so much division in America, said Jeffery and there is hatred and divide due to political parties, the audience doesn’t want to watch super serious dramas these days. In a space like that supernatural is definitely a good distraction.

When the team of The Sixth Horror Short Film Festival reached out to Jeffery Reddick asking him if he would be interested to be part of this festival he immediately agreed as it was about horror films. He had no exposure when it came to Indian horror films so the festival looked like a good exposure for him.

Jeffery has been told that Ram Gopal Varma and Vikram Bhatt are good at horror films and that Ramsay movies are a must watch so he would be watching their films on DVD soon to get a better grip of the mainstream Indian audience.