Films that explain the emotion of Father’s Day

17 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Father’s Day is tomorrow – and looks like content producers are planning to launch their films only after the brouhaha of the Ind Vs Pak match has subsided.  But two films related to Father’s Day have already made their way on to the streaming screens.  The first one is a collaboration between OLA cabs and TTT, ‘Rear View’, which tells the story of two men, one a father and another a father-to-be from different economic strata. The film is nicely made, and is quite similar to the men in general – understated and underrated.

The second film, The Gift Of Love, tells the story of a young woman who has decided to give her father a unique gift on Father’s Day. The film depicts the various adventures that she goes through to finally get what she desires for her father.