The Film, ‘Once Again’ Review: Shefali Shah and Neeraj starrer Netflix Original

05 . Sep . 2018
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The Netflix Original film, Once Again is a story about grown-up love. A widow played by Shefali Shah, runs a restaurant and a catering business. She provides food to a popular actor played by Neeraj Kabi, a divorcee. Besides this, the two also converse on the phone very often and have developed liking for each other. This, however, is not at all known to anyone – neither Shefali’s own two kids, nor Neeraj’s daughter. Over time, Neeraj’s daughter comes to know about her father developing a soft corner for her.

Shefali is meanwhile busy with her son’s upcoming engagement and then wedding. Having been talking on the phone for some time now, Shefali and Neeraj finally meet. But this secret meeting is captured by the media. Shefali is taunted about her affair by her son’s mother-in-law at the engagement ceremony. Shefali decides it is best for her to not pursue this relationship further, as her son is upset with her. But the warmth and love that she received from Neeraj is something he just can’t forget and decides that she has to take this relationship to the next level.

Once her son gets married, she definitely wants to go and have a life with Neeraj. In the end, the two are shown to be enjoying some good moments with each other. In the end, it is a happy ending after all.

What Wow: The way the film has been treated is mature. And considering that it is a mature love story, we definitely want to see this story been handled this way. Shefali and Neeraj are doing a great job in the film. The story itself has been written quite well. Writer and director Kanwal deserves a mention for his flawless writing.

What Blah: There is nothing in the film to complain about except the fact that the film’s duration could have been reduced to a great extent. But again the film tells the love story in such a mature manner that it would not have been possible to do just to it. It may have meant removing the songs of the film and that would have been such a dampener.

Parting Shot: Once Again is a good attempt at making a mature love story. Shefali and Neeraj have performed their parts really well, adding to the brilliant story.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Shefali Shah, Neeraj Kabi, Rasika Dugal, Bidita Bag

Writer & Director: Kanwal Sethi

Once Again is now streaming on Netflix