Feature: How technology revolutionized the hotel industry?

04 . Jul . 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Technology has slowly but surely impacted everything around us, and the hotel industry is no exception. Online hotel booking is the simplest example of technology being put into action. As for how far this technology can take this industry and revolutionize it for better hospitality depends on how well it’s being used. Some of the best examples of technology reshaping and ruling this sector in the most profitable way are given below: 



● Smart Devices


Any device or gadget that connects us wirelessly is a smart device. The advancing technology, these devices have constantly worked to improve the efficiency of tasks, cut down on energy costs, and work in a way to provide the best experience with the least human intervention. With these smart IoT devices, including lighting, blinds, kettles, and heating systems, the guests are bound to have the best experience at the premises. 




● Recognition Technologies Offer Many Services


Fingerprint/retina scanning, facial recognition have paved the way for various contactless and hassle-free transactions. A fingerprint scan can make the transactions quick and safe, meanwhile, a facial recognition system can be excellent for check-outs and can even be used as a room lock hence diminishing the need for a physical key.  



● Augmented Reality for better customer experience



Augmented Reality displays digital overlays in the form of graphical representation and information. This helps the guest to analyze the hotel’s location and its surroundings. Through this technology, users can find relevant information about the hotel premises and places around them. The app also highlights the history of the hotel with augmented Reality. Also, the upcoming technologies and advancements may increase the opportunities for innovation. 



● Integrated Chatbots To Answer Human Inquiries


Chatbots are mainly developed to answer queries, provide an instant response time, and employ the staff for urgent and complex tasks. These chatbots are integrated with the hotel website or app for the convenience of the customers. Few hotels also create physical chatbots to respond to customer’s queries in the form of speech. The Artificial intelligence system quickly analyzes the data and provides instant response and useful information. All these factors lead to customer satisfaction. 



● Virtual Reality to take a tour around


The use of Virtual Reality has made the users drive into the world that is specially designed or created for them. The technology has made the booking process effective for customers, as they can look into the rooms and take a virtual tour around the hotel. This gives customers a chance to know about the hotel facilities and other offers. 





Those were only some of the many marvels that this advancing technology has blessed us and this industry with. From online hotel booking to A.I. robots serving the guests, technology has made a huge leap in this industry and pleasantly surprised everyone. These have made things more secure, fool-proof, luxurious, and convenient. And if the customers are satisfied with these advanced changes in the hotels, then who are we to deny this revolutionary impact?