Feature Film : Loev

27 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Homosexual love is still somewhat of a taboo for the film industry. Not many make a movie about it. And when they do, it’s either overproduced stuff or something that’s so hard hitting that it’s immediately termed as propaganda. So, when a film that actually just talks about the romantic relationship between two men crops it, it’s something very interesting – and Loev is just that.

Loev is about two homosexual friends who meet after a long time, only for their attraction to each other to come front and center.

What’s Wow: The understatements in the script create a platform for the actors to play their characters with unrestrained intensity. This is one of those films where nothing happens in the bigger picture, but the emotional interactions going on between the characters makes for engaging viewing.  The performances are stellar, with Shiv Pandit giving ample support to Dhruv Ganesh, who plays the other protagonist.  What really makes this film an imminent watch is the mature, undramatic take that it has on homosexual relationships, especially in India.

What’s Blah: The screenplay is engaging, but it could seem a bit long for the casual viewer. The film could’ve done with a little bit of editing.

Parting Shot: A out-of-the-box romantic film.

Cast: Dhruv Ganesh, Shiv Pandit, Siddharth Menon, Rishabh Chaddha

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