Experience the modernized version of Rajasthani folk music as ALTBalaji and ZEE5 drop the track Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan from their latest crime thriller Dark7White

27 . Nov . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

The day that ALTBalaji and ZEE5 subscribers and fans of the crime genre have been waiting for has finally arrived. With excitement at its peak, the two leading homegrown OTT platforms have dropped an extremely-catchy song.

Titled Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan, the song, a modernized version of Rajasthani folk, is composed by Udit Prajapati & Arpit Mehta with the vocals sung by The Rajasthani Choro. Adding to their team, Udit Prajapati has contributed to the song by playing the guitar piece, writing the lyrics, and Rap for the song.

The track is picturized on the posh lifestyle of Yudhveer Singh aka Yudi, played by Sumeet Vyas, an arrogant prince who later turns into a politician. Sumeet dons the appearance of a person with long hair and a beard on one side and then a clean-shaven politician who means business on the other, both looks are extremely promising, with the rap in the song making things look all the more exciting.

The platform has got its viewers the perfect mixture of Rajasthani Folk, giving the modern touch to it by adding new beats yet keeping it deeply rooted to the rustic charm that we are forever in love with.

Dark 7 White is a youth-oriented political murder mystery that’s narrated in a quirky storytelling style laced with dark humour.

It is a gripping story about seven friends having high profile jobs, with the story shedding light on how their situation wasn’t the same back in their college days. What adds to the intrigue is the story of one of these seven characters who use the other six for his advantage.