Exclusive: RVCJ to Venture into Short Films?

21 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

If you think those Facebook pages are a waste of time – viewing or creating – think again. There’s strong buzz that RVCJ – full form, Rajnikanth Vs CID Jokes – is all set to venture into full-fledged short film making.

No confirmation on this yet, but this could be genuinely one of the biggest success stories of the digital age boom in India. The brand is one of the most recognized ones in the Indian digital space. It has a humongous social presence and a website and has a great recall value. It is interesting to note that what started out as a Facebook page has today all the attributes that one hears in a corporate and board meeting.

The brand has been around ever since the desi digital boom and has more than 11 lakh followers and last we checked, 10, 000 people interact about the brand on social media channels. This was an audience waiting to be catered to – and the people at RVCJ have taken the right decision, if indeed they have.